What’s Your Plan (If You Have One) For Communicating Compensation?

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While you probably know by now that one result of the commission lawsuit settlements is the end of cooperative compensation being posted on NAR-affiliated MLSs, you may not realize that there’s still a lot of back and forth about if, where and how offers of compensation can or should be posted.

In May, Department of Justice attorney Jessica Leal said, “We believe offers of compensation should not be made anywhere, but certainly not on the MLS.” More recently, Jason Abrams, Keller Williams head of industry and learning, said, “Sellers can still decide to specifically offer cooperative compensation, and it can be marketed any place other than the MLS. This could include things like newsletters and text messages and carrier pigeons. Or a broker or agent’s own website.”


So since we’re out here just trying to figure this stuff out, let’s do it together: If you plan to offer cooperative compensation on behalf of your sellers, where do you plan to do so? Will you update your website for each new listing? Will you communicate one-on-one with buyer agents? Will you send out an email or text blast? Are you looking for some other workaround or is your MLS providing alternatives? Let us know below:

We’ll compile a list of the top responses and post them on Inman next Tuesday.

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