The grand reveal: RealTrends Verified and the 2024 brokerage rankings 

I’m sharing a transformative announcement with you today, one that marks a new era for RealTrends and propels forward the vision of bringing transparency to what it means to be a top-performing real estate brokerage, team or agent. In real estate and data alike, clarity and trust are paramount. That’s why, after 35 years of excellence, RealTrends is proud to unveil a new chapter in our journey: RealTrends Verified.

Clayton Collins, CEO, HW Media

RealTrends Verified is a brand that stands for ambition, achievement, transparency and trust. The brokerages, teams, and agents verified by RealTrends have stood the test of time as top performers that continue to innovate and deliver outcomes — for their customers and businesses. 

RealTrends Verified is the world’s first dual-verified, fully transparent, and search-engine optimized real estate sales performance platform that brings historical relevance and benchmarking to professionals and consumers. 

The reasons behind our transformation

The issue with rankings has been that dozens of non-verified, low quality platforms have crowded the marketplace, bringing confusion and deteriorating trust. Every agent claims to be a “top agent” and the definition of “luxury” or “million-dollar agent” is cloudy at best. We get it. You can’t scroll on Instagram for two minutes without seeing some top-performer or achievement post. Even at RealTrends, we’re guilty of overcomplicating rankings with too many sub-brands that bring confusion to a world that needs clarity. 

RealTrends Verified solves this:

  • One clean brand with which brokerage, teams, and agents can be proud to be associated. You work hard to serve clients and grow your business. Your brand stands for something you are proud of and passionate about. RealTrends Verified aligns with the values of hard-work, expertise and trust. We recognize and celebrate performance and growth — just like you. 
  • Digital-first analysis, distribution, and discovery. You market your brand and business online. Your home sellers and buyers research you online. You educate your sphere online. RealTrends Verified elevates your digital presence. 
  • Robust search functionality and optimization: RealTrends Verified elevates your brand in the places homebuyers and sellers look first. We don’t do this for every broker out there. This isn’t pay to play. We do this for the winners — the RealTrends Verified professionals. The search functionality enables your team members, partners and customers to find your ranking and profile, verify your credibility, and bring confidence to their decisions. 
  • Spotlight analysis and rankings for specific achievements like fastest growers, core services, independents, and affiliated firms. We know size isn’t the only measure. We recognize success and innovation in multiple ways. 
  • Verification: With RealTrends Verified, you can trust that the data driving these rankings is meticulously collected, analyzed, and verified, providing users with the insights they need to thrive. 
  • Elevating the voices of winners: RealTrends Verified is part of HousingWire and a sister company to Altos Research. HousingWire leverages RealTrends Verified agents and brokerage as editorial sources, podcast guests and event speakers. We believe in a content and community flywheel. RealTrends Verified keeps that wheel in motion. 

RealTrends Verified Broker data goes live in March. Agent and Team Rankings will be unveiled in June. 

Stay tuned as we embark on this new chapter together. RealTrends Verified is more than just a rebrand — it’s a testament to our unwavering dedication to transparency, integrity, and excellence in the real estate industry. Join us as we continue to redefine what it means to be verified in real estate.

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