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Market Leader is an all-in-one solution for generating real estate leads, nurturing them with automated tools, and converting them into long-term clients. Its suite of tools includes a robust CRM, a real estate website, predictive analytics, marketing automation, and much more.

Without consistent and effective lead generation, thriving as a real estate professional is almost impossible. Networking the old-fashioned way can be time-consuming, and handing out your business card and following up by email, text or phone may not suit your personality. That’s why many successful real estate agents turn to a CRM, lead generation and marketing platform like Market Leader.

In this Market Leader review, we’ll explore its features, pros and cons, pricing and some alternatives so you can determine if it’s right for you and your real estate business.


Market Leader key specs 

  • Pricing: Starts at $139 per user/month
  • Exclusivity: Yes
  • Trial period: No free trial period
  • Automated marketing: Yes. The complete Marketing Center, including automated marketing, is fully integrated with the Market Leader CRM
  • Contract requirements: Six-month contract

How does Market Leader work?

Market Leader offers agents and brokers a guaranteed number of exclusive leads per month, gives you insight on customer interests, and helps you manage your client data using its customer relationship management (CRM) tool. You can communicate with prospects using its marketing automation features. Using Market Leader’s Network Boost, users in your local market will see your targeted, strategic ads created and managed by Market Leader’s experts as they scroll through their favorite social media platforms.

When prospects click on one of your ads and submit the automatically populated lead form, their personal information goes directly to your Market Leader CRM. They’ll then receive an automated email introducing them to you and driving them to your Market Leader website. Through various automated Market Leader campaigns, your leads will then be nurtured with consistent communication touchpoints until you’re ready to jump in and take over.

As a bonus, your leads’ property search history is collected in your CRM, giving you invaluable insights into what types of homes and neighborhoods are on their radar. Once they’re ready to engage, you’ll be notified that it’s time to reach out with a personal touch, leveraging their collected property search history so you can win them as clients.

Market Leader delivers ads on social media platforms like Facebook (screenshot of desktop computer)

Market Leader alternatives (compared)

Top Pick
Market Leader logo: a real estate CRM solution

Market Leader

Market Leader offers a complete marketing suite with email and SMS marketing services, lead capture forms, and a built-in lead management CRM, and its in-house advertising experts send leads exclusively to you.

Starting at:

$139/ user per month

Visit Market Leader
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Top Producer logo; a real estate CRM or customer relationship management software

Top Producer

Top Producer offers extensive lead generation options, and simplifies and automates workflows, making its plans well-suited for those ready to scale their business, no matter how small your budget or how big your team.

Starting at:

$129/user per month

Visit Top Producer
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A robust solution for smart farming and generating listings

SmartZip’s targeting, analysis, and branding platforms let you market yourself to your target audience, reach only the prospects most likely to sell, and streamline your farming with automated listing leads, marketing, and follow-ups.

Starting at:

$500/user per month

Visit SmartZip
Exclusivity: Yes No No
Contract requirements:  Six-month minimum One-year contract One-year contract
Customer support: Email, phone, live chat, and knowledge base Articles and videos, webinars, email, and live chat Text, email, phone, live chat
Free period: Undisclosed No free trial Undisclosed
Starting price: $139 $129 $500

Market Leader pros & cons

  • A guaranteed number of exclusive home buyer and seller leads in your local market every month
  • Only pay for visitors that convert to leads
  • Cost-effective for the solo agent
  • Lead generating IDX website not included in all products

Market Leader features

Market Leader's lead and customer relationship management solution

Robust CRM: Log in to see your Market Leader dashboard and its unique lead sorting window at the top. Your contacts will be sorted by the tags you’ve given them. With the dashboard, you can respond quickly with automated text and email alerts, know when your contacts have been on your website and which properties they’ve viewed or saved, and send relevant listings at your desired frequency with automated listing alerts.

Lead source integration: Your CRM integrates with 40+ lead sources, including Trulia, Zillow, and

Mobile CRM app: With the app, you can access your entire contact and lead database, as well as manage new leads in your pipeline, all from your mobile device.

Mobile CRM App

Customizable website: A website customized for your brand that is IDX-enabled, tailored for lead capture, and search-engine friendly. You can choose from numerous layout options and hundreds of licensed photos in the image library or upload your own. Easily add content, and customize an array of widgets. You can also use the Website Setup Wizard and content management tools to make in-line edits to any section while on the page and make updates from your phone.

CRM & website integration: Your contact and housing search information flows from your Market Leader website to the CRM.

Real estate agent guides: Free business planning resources, scripts and templates, and lead generation helpers are available, including a business plan, marketing plan, call scripts, and text message templates.

MLS connectivity: Connect your IDX-enabled website with your MLS and send listingsand listing details in marketing pieces.

Marketing: You automatically receive a customizable property marketing package to promote each new listing. In Market Leader Pro and Market Leader Teams, the complete Marketing Center is fully integrated with the Market Leader CRM.

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Market Leader pricing & monthly plans

Market Leader offers plans for individual agents, teams of up to 10, and an enterprise solution customized to the size of your team or brokerage. The following are starting prices. We recommend contacting Market Leader’s team to check for the latest pricing and deals, or to request a custom quote for a brokerage solution.

Plan Price/month # of Users Includes
Professional for agents $129 + $7 to $30/lead 1 CRM + website + marketing
Professional for teams $329 + $7 to $30 per lead up to 10 CRM + website + marketing
Network Boost $350 Add-on up to 40 leads / month

Professional for agents

Starting at $139 per user/month. With this lead and customer relationship management solution, agents can build a custom website and pages with widgets optimized for lead generation. Take advantage of MLS integration that supports multiple MLSs and get lead insights, as well as neighborhood and market information. You can purchase exclusive leads every month, including lead insights on sellers visiting Increase productivity and performance with a pipeline dashboard, real-time listing alerts, search and targeting capabilities, a mobile CRM app, and market reports.
Automatically add new online leads to drip campaigns with Market Leader’s marketing automation. The robust marketing center also features thousands of professionally designed templates, bulk, and direct mail print options to market each new listing.

Professional for teams

Starting at $329 per user, per month: Professional for teams offers small teams a shared contact database and marketing content to optimize collaboration, plus customizable, lead-generating websites with your MLS feed (for both the team and individuals on it).

This plan includes Network Boost, so your team can receive a high volume of social media leads every month. Your entire team can get insight into their contacts’ activities, identify and message high-priority leads, create tasks, notes, and more with Market Leader’s CRM. When you’re on the go, your team can interact with contacts, respond to new leads, and view reminders within the mobile CRM app. With the system’s marketing automation, your team can nurture new leads by sending them listing alerts and an 18-step email drip campaign. You can also add your existing contacts to your CRM, so that they can also receive Market Leader’s done-for-you email or print marketing campaigns.

Network Boost

Starting at $350 per month, Market Leader’s Network Boost enables you to grow your database with a steady stream of exclusive social media leads in your local market — in the neighborhoods where you want to grow your network. You’ll receive up to 40 exclusive leads per month. You can then use Market Leader’s marketing tools to convert those leads with automated listing alerts, an 18-email drip campaign, and more. If you need more than 40 leads, you can contact a Market Leader’s team for additional pricing information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Market Leader best for?

Market Leader’s affordability and ease of use make it well-suited for both single agents and teams looking to automate processes, build a steady pipeline of local leads, and for anyone wanting to carve back some of their time (and energy, effort and money) spent on marketing.

It’s ideal for any agent or small team who wants to spend less time marketing to lukewarm leads and managing campaigns, since it targets the hottest leads in your areas, and automates your marketing processes for you.

Best of all, if you’re already skilled at converting active leads into buyers and sellers, Market Leader’s suite of products and plans will work well for you. One caveat is that this is a long game. Lead nurturing takes time and consistent communication to stay top-of-mind but Market Leaders marketing tools make this a less manual process for you.

What other resources does Market Leader provide?

Market Leader offers users a free Real Estate Business Plan, as well as a Lead Calculator that can help you determine how many leads you need to meet your transaction goals. Market Leader’s Email Script Generator enhances lead conversion by giving you customized email scripts based on the information you enter.

You can use the Home Buyer’s Journey Guide to learn how to engage with consumers during every stage of the home-buying journey and the Real Estate Stream Podcast to improve your ability to generate and convert more leads. Live training, on-demand articles and videos, live product support, and the Million Dollar Pipeline program are also available.

Can I combine Market Leader technology with traditional marketing approaches?

Yes. Market Leader offers print and direct mail marketing that is integrated with your MLS. Mail bulk orders to your home of office or upload a list if you want Market Leader to handle the heavy lifting.

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