Nimble Powers Up Prospecting With PhoneBurner

Nimble, a CRM company, has integrated the features of phone call automation company PhoneBurner to enhance how users stay in touch with clients.

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Nimble, a CRM company, has integrated the features of phone call automation company PhoneBurner to enhance how users stay in touch with clients, an April 18 press release stated.

The partnership will specifically benefit prospecting efforts, which rely on consistent and often high-paced outreach. Power dialers are effective ways to reach a lot of people in little time, and do so in an organized way, enabling timestamps, database updates and voicemail drops. The dialer also eliminates the dead air at the start of a call, reducing the rate of immediate hang-ups. The press release stated that PhoneBurner can help people reach up to 80 people per hour via voice.

PhoneBurner and Nimble will work together to quickly build and segment lists directly from LinkedIn networks, create scripts and leave pre-recorded voicemails and do it all using Tier-1 telecom with reputable carriers, reducing the automated “potential spam” labels to which consumers have become accustomed.

Chris Sorensen, CEO of PhoneBurner, said in a statement that Nimble’s relationship focus only accentuates the benefits his technology provides.

“PhoneBurner is a dialer built for efficient, human-centric 1-to-1 outreach. It’s a perfect match,” Sorensen said. “Nimble’s unique ability to create enriched prospect lists from LinkedIn and online sources along with our integrated ability to facilitate live connections and lead nurturing workflows creates an exciting opportunity to accelerate sales for our customers.”

Nimble is not a real estate-specific CRM, but boasts all the features and digital efficiencies of typical industry names, such as kvCORE, Lofty and LionDesk, and promotes a sales-first message, eschewing elaborate marketing functionality. It was reviewed in 2015 by Inman, and noted for its flexibility in working with lead sources.

“All of your relationships can be pulled into Nimble via relationships with Google Plus, Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo and even Skype,” the review stated. “When integrated and then layered into Nimble’s intrinsic functionality, a user can quickly recognize just how much potential revenue exists within their many online relationships.”

Users will also benefit from faster data entry and contact record updating, easy future call scheduling and call recording. Calls will be recorded automatically and made part of the respect contact record within Nimble, and there’s also a form of lead qualification to sort priority and a subsequent pipeline builder based on call outcomes.

“We have created a robust suite designed to boost sales teams’ efficiency,” said Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble CRM, in the press release. “We are thrilled to collaborate with PhoneBurner, aiming to offer our users a cohesive solution that simplifies sales processes and significantly improves productivity.”

The integration is now live for Nimble users.

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