New Atllas AI tool aims to simplify cold calls

Not many people in any profession enjoy making cold calls to potential clients, but a venture capital-backed technology startup hopes to make it a little easier for real estate agents.

Atllas is launching a new artificial intelligence tool, Cold Call AI, that the company said is designed to streamline the process of reaching out to prospective home buyers and sellers. The tool can initiate calls and engage with people using AI-generated, personalized scripts that adjust to the client as the call unfolds.

The tool also serves as a platform for agents to organize and prioritize calls.

“Cold Call AI is designed to be an extension of the agent, making those first crucial connections smoother and more effective,” Atllas founder Neema Bardi said in a statement. “We’ve combined technology with a deep understanding of real estate to create something truly special.”

Bardi, 25, has a well-scripted startup story of his own. He was previously an agent who pounded the phones to develop his business. According to the company, he closed 24 deals that were purely generated by cold calling. Crunchbase lists the startup as having fewer than 10 employees.

Attlas has received venture capital funding from Charles Schwab, Great Oaks VC and Ambridge Capital, among others. The company is based in Beverly Hills, California.

Cold Call AI is the fourth tool the company has released. OpenHome is a platform for managing open-house visitors, with the goal of progressing these leads into closed sales. Loop provides agents with a website that works like a landing page for their business, including social media links. And AI CRM is a platform that generates emails to clients.

According to Bardi’s LinkedIn, he attended the University of Southern California and worked as a real estate broker at Rodeo Realty for a year. He lists himself as the founder of three previous startups.

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