Local Logic Helps Power Lundy’s Finding Homes Voice Search

Local Logic, the community and market insights marketing solution, will be working with Lundy, an AI-derived voice search option for the visually impaired.

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Local Logic, the community and market insights marketing solution, will be working with Lundy, an AI-derived voice search option for the visually impaired, according to a June 12 press release shared with Inman.

The pairing makes a great deal of sense for both organizations, especially for Lundy, whose users will be able to make even more unassisted home search decisions and have their preferences more comprehensively integrated with every request to learn more about a property. It also gives Local Logic a powerful business case study on the depth of its resources.

Justin Lundy, CEO of Lundy, said that the localized data provided by Local Logic will quickly lead to a better overall solution.

“By enabling voice-driven access to enriched location data, we are setting new standards for convenience and information accessibility in the real estate market,” Lundy said.

Lundy’s voice search, Finding Homes, was inspired by the need for visually impaired homebuyers to operate independently for as much of the process as possible, which remains traditionally dominated by rich visual marketing media and image-based consumer tools, such as floor plans and 3D tours. However, the onset of computer vision, an AI that translates still images into text descriptions and a part of LundyAI Core, offers exceptional benefits for voice platforms, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Lundy’s primary conduit for service.

Local Logic’s suite of tools goes beyond merely locating the nearest Starbucks, for example. With a number of branded packages, users can dig into nuanced market data, socioeconomic trends, retail growth or retraction, school data, traffic counts, and the full gamut of geographic and lifestyle data required to choose one home over another. Other recent partnerships include VestaPlus, an MLS software company, Radian subsidiary Homegenius and CRMLS.

In March, Local Logic published a series of APIs (application programming interfaces) and SDKs (software development kits) under the name NeighborhoodWrap. The tools will allow marketers to enrich omnichannel marketing campaigns with tightly integrated local insights, the company’s primary value proposition.

“Our collaboration with Lundy is a powerful example of how cutting-edge technology and deep data analytics can come together to improve the real estate discovery process,” said Vincent-Charles Hodder, co-founder and CEO of Local Logic, in a statement. “By providing comprehensive location insights through Lundy’s platform, we are empowering consumers and agents with the tools they need to make more informed decisions, marking a significant step forward in the evolution of the property search experience.”

The partnership helps make the argument that more real estate software providers are leaning into the customer experience.

While agents can certainly benefit from facilitating the use of Lundy and by partnering with Local Logic’s marketing products, it ultimately comes down to providing the buyer and seller with valuable decision-making tools. Lundy’s solution has merit beyond assisting the blind, but its impetus for being is rooted firmly in the need to solve an unaddressed problem with the traditional homebuying process.

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