Broker Spotlight: Wyatt Poindexter, The Agency Oklahoma City

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Name: Wyatt Poindexter

Title: Managing partner 

Experience: 28 years 

Location: Oklahoma City 

Brokerage name: The Agency Oklahoma City

Rankings: No. 1 Oklahoma luxury real estate team 

Team size: 5

Transaction sides: 947 properties (2020-2023)

Sales volume: $479,533,989 (2020-2023)

Why did you choose your brokerage?

I made the decision to join The Agency (with my partner Wayne Kirby) due to their unparalleled marketing strategies, dedication to exceptional customer service and profound understanding of the evolving landscape of real estate. Unlike other companies, The Agency prioritizes the quality of their Realtors over quantity, aligning perfectly with my own values and goals in this industry.

Tell us about a high point in your brokerage career

In the initial two decades of my career, I operated as a solo agent and successfully managed every aspect of my business independently. During this time, I juggled a considerable workload, overseeing 49 listings and actively assisting 11 buyers simultaneously.

Despite the inherent challenges and stress associated with this level of responsibility, I navigated through the entire process with determination and dedication. Today, I am immensely grateful for the invaluable support of my exceptional team, which allows me to provide even greater service and expertise to my clients.

Tell us about an epic fail you’ve experienced since you’ve been a broker

One of the most significant lessons I’ve learned as a broker stems from a regrettable experience with a member of my team. Despite my efforts to hire individuals of integrity, I unfortunately encountered a situation where a Realtor on my team exploited my trust and goodwill for personal gain. Over the course of approximately five years, this individual leveraged my reputation to advance their own career, ultimately deceiving me and stealing business from me.

Reflecting on this experience, I realize the importance of thorough vetting and discernment when selecting team members. While I was aware of some red flags regarding this individual’s reputation, I made the mistake of extending a second chance without adequately addressing underlying concerns. This lapse in judgment served as a powerful reminder of the need for heightened vigilance and attentiveness in safeguarding the integrity of my business and the individuals associated with it.

Although this experience was undoubtedly challenging, I am grateful for the lessons it imparted. Moving forward, I am committed to maintaining a keen awareness of potential warning signs, fostering a culture of accountability and prioritizing the recruitment of individuals who align with our values of honesty, loyalty and professionalism. I am confident that this experience will ultimately propel me to new heights of success and fortify the foundation of our organization.

Name 3 people you admire

My wife, Angie, stands as the epitome of unwavering loyalty and faithfulness. Her steadfast support and unwavering dedication make her the greatest person I’ve ever known. Not only does she provide invaluable emotional support, but she also serves as my trusted confidante, offering insightful guidance and wisdom as my full-time “real estate therapist” — a role she carries out with unwavering patience and love.

I deeply admire my parents for their unparalleled devotion, unwavering support and invaluable guidance throughout my life. They exemplify the epitome of parental excellence, instilling in me the core values of hard work, integrity and honesty from an early age. Their relentless encouragement and belief in my potential have been instrumental in shaping my character and ambition.

Moreover, my parents have imparted the invaluable lesson of proactive initiative, teaching me to seize opportunities rather than waiting for them to materialize. Their emphasis on creativity and forward-thinking has inspired me to approach life with a proactive mindset, continually seeking out avenues for growth and innovation.

In essence, my parents’ profound influence has not only shaped my personal and professional endeavors but has also imbued me with a deep sense of gratitude and admiration for their unwavering love and guidance. They are, without a doubt, the greatest role models I could ever ask for.

I greatly admire Mauricio Umansky for his exceptional prowess as both a Realtor and a businessperson. His remarkable success in the real estate industry is a testament to his unparalleled skill, strategic vision and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Moreover, I deeply resonate with many of the core beliefs and values that Mauricio espouses. His commitment to integrity, professionalism and client-centric service mirrors my own ethos in conducting business.

Furthermore, Mauricio’s innovative approach to real estate and his ability to adapt to changing market dynamics serve as a constant source of inspiration for me. His entrepreneurial spirit and relentless drive to push boundaries exemplify the qualities I aspire to embody in my own career.

In summary, Mauricio Umansky’s outstanding achievements and shared values make him a true role model and source of admiration for me in the real estate industry.

What’s one thing you wish every agent knew?

One thing I wish every agent knew is that real estate is not just a job, but a profoundly rewarding opportunity to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Facilitating the purchase or sale of a home is one of the most significant decisions individuals will make, and as agents, we have the privilege and responsibility to guide them through this process with care and expertise.

While the real estate industry can present its fair share of challenges, it is these very challenges that ultimately contribute to our growth and resilience. Every obstacle we overcome, every negotiation we navigate, and every client we assist strengthens our skills and fortifies our commitment to excellence.

In essence, I approach my work with the mindset that I must continually strive to exceed expectations and deliver unparalleled service, as if someone is constantly vying to take my place. This mindset drives me to consistently raise the bar and uphold the highest standards of professionalism and performance in everything I do.

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