30 Listing Lead Generation Ideas For A Post-NAR Settlement Market

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“List to last” is a saying that has long been quoted in real estate. In the wake of a post-NAR settlement environment, its significance rings truer than ever. If you’re looking to increase the number of listings you take, this article shares 30 unique strategies or areas that can make it happen.

1. Geographical farming

Let’s start with one of the foundational strategies for generating listings, geographical farming. Farming, when executed properly, is the best listing strategy I know for providing a consistent flow of quality listing prospects. If you don’t have an area that you are farming, now is the time to start. If you have an existing farm area, now is the time to expand and add additional farms.

If you’d like a more detailed breakdown on how to choose and market to a geographical farm in a way that gets results, this article will help.

2. Call Airbnb owners

Airbnb owners are rarely satisfied with their current investments. Either they aren’t getting the returns they want and want to sell, or they are excited about their investments and want to look for another one. Many of the current Airbnb owners bought during the pandemic when booking rates were high and it was a trendy investment to make.

Then came the reality of managing the property, maintenance costs, and oftentimes disappointing revenue results. This makes calling these owners a prime opportunity for agents looking to find listings and potential buyers.

Here’s a simple script when calling Airbnb owners:

This is [agent name] with [company]. I saw where you own the Airbnb at [address], and I was wondering if there is a price where you might consider selling the home.

If they show any indication of possibly selling, you’ve found a potential listing. If they say they love it, ask if they would consider buying another place if you found one that made sense for them. These conversations are a great way to uncover both listing and selling opportunities.

3. Searchable YouTube content

YouTube has become the No. 2 search engine right behind Google. By producing local video content on neighborhoods, your city, and seller-specific search titles, listing leads can be generated organically.

Here are a few title ideas for videos you can shoot that will attract listing leads:

  • 7 mistakes to avoid when selling your home in [your city]
  • 5 simple upgrades to maximize the sales price of your home in [your city]
  • Seller’s guide: Navigating the [your city] real estate market in 2024
  • Maximize your home’s value: 3 essential tips before selling in [your city]

If you’re looking for five additional searchable YouTube content ideas, check out this article.

4. Circle prospecting

Calling the owners around a home that recently sold is a great way to add value and uncover listing opportunities.

This is a simple script starter for these calls:

This is [agent name] with [company]. I’m calling to make sure you have the details of the sale of the home a few doors down from yours at [address] since this sale will affect the value of your home. Have you received the details about that sale?

Find ways to add value to homeowners, and you will generate more listing opportunities.

5. Neighborhood Facebook group

Neighborhood Facebook groups are a great way to connect the owners with each other and for you to “host the party.” If you can identify an area or neighborhood that doesn’t currently have a Facebook group, this can be a goldmine for listing leads.

6. Host going-away parties for your listings

One of the best ways to turn one successful listing sale into additional opportunities is to host a going away party for your sellers. Offer to host the event, send out the invitations, and provide the food and drinks.

By sending the invitations, you will capture the contact info for all the attendees, and you will have the ability to be introduced to your seller’s friends at the event. You can add sponsors to reduce some of the expenses, but this is a memorable way to honor your sellers and expand your sphere of influence.

7. Buy lunch, not leads

Heidi Harris out of Raleigh, North Carolina, first brought this strategy to my attention. She decided to stop buying leads and instead spend that money buying lunch for her sphere of influence. If you focus on deepening the relationships you already have, they will expand your business through repeat business and referrals.

8. Expired listings

As the markets continue to normalize, expired listings will become increasingly more common. Now is the time to develop an expired listing program that systematically adds value to these homeowners who have raised their hand to let everyone know they desire to sell their home, but their previous listing agent was unable to make it happen for them.

9.Little help’ social posts

Posting buyer needs on social media can uncover opportunities for listings.

This is an example of a post to use if you have buyers looking for a specific type of home in a specific area:

Little help please! I have a potential buyer who is looking for a home on the east side of town in the [whatever school district] with a minimum of 4 bedrooms and a fenced-in backyard. We have seen all the homes currently on the market, and this buyer might be willing to pay a premium for the right home. Please DM me or reach out if you know of someone considering selling a home that meets these criteria to see if we might be able to have a win-win situation for this buyer and someone preparing to sell their home.

10. Host open houses

Activity breeds activity. The next time you host an open house make sure you provide a time before the public open house for neighbors to check the home out prior to the anticipated crowds of people.

This is a script you can utilize via phone, mail or door-knocking prior to the open house to invite the neighbors:

I’m [agent name] with [company]. We will be hosting an open house this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at your neighbor’s house that we currently have listed for sale. We will have the home open exclusively for owners in the neighborhood to preview before the public between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. in case you want to see it before the anticipated crowds. I hope to see you on Saturday.

Anyone that shows up between 10-11 a.m. is a prospective listing due to their desire to see the home and, in many cases, to compare it to theirs. These attendees are prime listing prospects.

11. Market listings at a higher level

The marketing you do for your current listings can be more valuable than just helping get that home sold. It should be utilized as an example of how you differentiate yourself from other agents. The neighbors who are considering selling are paying attention to the marketing you do. The better your marketing with your current listings today, the more homes you will have the opportunity to list and market in the future.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide on how to turn your next listing into additional listings, this article has 23 ways to make it happen.

12. For sale by owners (FSBOs)

For sale by owners (FSBOs) often end up listing their homes with agents due to either frustration with the process or an inability to attract a buyer. Developing a plan of action where you provide value to the owners while they attempt to sell the home themselves positions you to be the agent of choice when and if they decide to list their home with an agent.

13. Unsolicited video CMAs

Providing unsolicited video CMAs is a unique way to provide homeowners with something of value in a creative manner that makes you stand out. This is done by recording your screen via a tool, such as BombBomb or Zoom, where you walk through the valuation of the owner’s home, sharing the comparable sales and details.

I personally did 72 of these during a three-month period that led to over $11 million in listings. If you’d like a more detailed breakdown of this strategy and how you can put it to work in your business, check out this article.

14. 6- to 18-month-old expired listings

When a listing expires, homeowners can expect dozens of calls from agents asking if they are interested in relisting their home for sale. The number of calls often leads to homeowners freezing and deciding to wait before relisting their home. After the first month, many of the agents that called will give up and fade away. By the time the listing has been expired for six months the calls from agents have most likely stopped.

This process involves searching the MLS for 6- to 18-month-old, expired listings. Continue your research by making sure they have not been relisted or sold.

Then call with a simple script like this:

This is [agent name] with [company]. I saw that your home was for sale nine months ago and am wondering if you still plan to sell it.

Give them a chance to answer, and add value from there.

15. Ask for referrals

“Ask and you shall receive” is not just an often-used Bible quote. It’s true regarding referrals in real estate as well.

16. Pay attention to agents leaving the business

Many of the agents leaving the business have relationships with homeowners they sold homes to over the past two to five years. Offering to pay them a referral fee for an introduction to their past clients is another way to create win-win opportunities for you and these former agents.

17. Probate listings

Probate is the process of distributing assets from an estate after someone passes away. This includes real estate, and once the court appoints an executor of the estate, they usually can list and sell real estate that is a part of the estate. This is an opportunity to provide value to estates, executors of the estates or probate attorneys in a way that creates listing leads.

18. Lead sharing groups

Most local chambers of commerce have local Business Netorking International (BNI) groups or lead groups. These are a great way to partner with other local business owners to share and gain leads.

19. Use ‘buyers as bait’

When you have buyers who desire to be in a specific neighborhood, call owners with a script like this:

This is [agent name] with [company]. We are working with buyers who specifically want to buy a home in your neighborhood with a minimum of three bedrooms. They have not been able to find a home that fits their needs and may be willing to pay a premium if they find the right place. I’m calling to do everything I can to find them a home. Do you know of any of your neighbors who are considering selling their home, or have you considered selling your home?

This call is an example of going the extra mile for your prospective buyers, and it can uncover listing opportunities as well.

20. Utilize ChatGPT for copywriting

Having ChatGPT write SEO-optimized blog posts or LinkedIn articles can lead to listing leads.

This is an example prompt to help you get the process started:

Act as an expert real estate copywriter specializing in writing blog posts [or LinkedIn articles] for real estate agents. Provide me with 7 SEO-optimized titles for blog posts targeting homeowners in [your city] who are interested in selling their home.

Sift through the titles it provides, and follow up with the following prompt:

Please write an SEO-optimized blog post using [title of your choice] as the title. Add a strong call to action to call me for additional details and to receive a free, no-obligation valuation analysis of what their home will sell for.

21. Door knocking

Whether it be letting neighbors know about a new listing, an open house or recently sold home in their neighborhood, door knocking provides agents a purposeful reason to get face-to-face with homeowners.

22. Produce behind-the-scenes content

Utilize Instagram stories to share behind-the-scenes details on setting up for an open house, launching a listing with the marketing you prepare, shooting video content or any other real estate-related activity. This will help your prospects connect with you on a more personal level, leading to more business.

23. Take advantage of for-sale signs

Maximize your yard signs by utilizing attractive, clean signs, providing QR codes to video details of the home, and a “take one” box with flyers that include personal marketing about yourself on the back of the flyer. The yard sign is a billboard for you and your future listing clients in that neighborhood. Don’t miss out on maximizing the potential your yard signs provide.

24. Just-sold postcards

Sharing the details of your successful sale with neighbors of the home you recently sold increases their confidence that you can sell their home as well. Don’t miss doing the basics.

25. Maximize seller testimonials

Whether they be video testimonials or social graphic cards quoting your clients, sharing your seller testimonials increases trust, and trust is the precursor to listings.

26. Optimize Google Business Profiles

Prospective listing clients will Google you before working with you. Optimize your Google My Business profile to make sure they receive confirmation via your page that you are the listing agent for them.

For a detailed description of how to optimize your Google Business Profile, check out this article.

27. Call rental owners

Most residential rental agreements are for one year. Utilizing rental websites or your local MLS that shows when homes were rented is an effective way to identify potential future listings. Contact the owners who are six months into their rental agreement to ask if they are planning to rent the home for another year when their current lease expires or if they would consider selling.

If they say they are going to rent it, ask if they would be interested in another investment property if you found them one.

28. Host client appreciation events

From movie nights to family photography days and everything in between, hosting client appreciation parties puts the law of reciprocity in motion, meaning when you do for others, they want to return the favor. For real estate agents, that is often in the form of repeat customers or referrals.

Want to say thank you without throwing the effort of an event? This article shares 23 ways to show your clients appreciation.

29. Connect with divorce attorneys

Unfortunately, many divorces lead to the need to sell a home. By connecting with divorce attorneys and providing value to them in the form of home valuations or anything additional they may need assistance with regarding real estate, you can develop a steady stream of listing referrals.

30. Focus on out-of-town owners

Out-of-town homeowners offer a unique way to add value to homeowners who may not have local friends in real estate. They are often less emotional about these homes due to them not being their primary residences. Focusing your efforts on out-of-town owners is an efficient way to build a database of current and future listing prospects.

The person who controls the listings controls the market. Act on these strategies, and you will generate more listings.

Jimmy Burgess is the CEO for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida in Northwest Florida. Connect with him on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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