Time Is Of The Essence With Zillow’s Latest Search Filter

Thanks to Zillow’s commute time search filter, homebuyers can easily find listings anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes away from their job. The filter is available on Zillow’s mobile app.

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Real estate is all about location, and Zillow’s new commute time filter helps homebuyers find the perfect home closest to their job, school, doctor’s office, favorite coffee shop or best friend’s apartment.

“As many ease back into the rhythm of office life, the all-important question resurfaces: How far is too far from work?” the announcement read. “Zillow has the answer with its brand-new commute time filter, a feature on the Zillow app designed to help you find a home or a rental within your desired commute time or near the places that matter most to you.”

To get started, users must go to the filter tab on the right side of the Zillow mobile app. Near the bottom of the list, they’ll see a “Commute Time” category where they can enter the address of their job or another location they’d like to be close to.

From there, they’ll be asked to provide their travel mode (i.e., driving, biking, walking or public transit), whether they’ll be commuting during rush hour or off-peak hours, and the maximum amount of time they’d like to commute. After applying the filter, they’ll see all the available listings that meet their commuting needs.

Zillow said its 2023 Consumer Housing Trends Survey revealed that 53 percent of homebuyers “consider commute time a top priority” when choosing their next home. Walkability (67 percent), proximity to leisure activities (60 percent), family and friends (57 percent), and public transit (43 percent) also played a major part in buyers’ decision-making.

Each of these factors has grown in prominence since 2018, Zillow said, with proximity to public transportation experiencing the largest increase, growing 13 percentage points from 2018 (30 percent) to 2023 (43 percent).

Proximity to friends and family increased by 10 percentage points, followed by neighborhood walkability (up 9 points); a sense of community or belonging (up 9 points); and proximity to shopping, services, and/or leisure activities (up 6 points).

“The commute time filter on the Zillow app makes it easier than ever to find homes or rentals near the places that matter most to you, saving you time and effort both in your search and in your daily commute,” the announcement read.

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