Lone Wolf Technologies partners with Arizona Regional MLS

The Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS) announced a partnership with Lone Wolf Technologies that will give ARMLS subscribers access to a tool designed to give agents information to guide their clients through an uncertain market.

The tool — Cloud CMA —provides real-time reports, presentation tools, and other offerings that both companies believe will help agents show their clients that they possess the knowledge to guide them through buying and selling homes.

“In any market, and especially in one where buyers and sellers may not be entirely sure of what they can expect, it’s imperative for real estate agents to be able to demonstrate that they know and understand what’s happening,” said ARMLS’s James Marcus in a statement. “With this new Cloud CMA benefit from Lone Wolf, our agents will have a key resource in showing clients the expertise that will set them apart from the competition.”

This isn’t Lone Wolf’s first partnership with an MLS this year. In April it announced one with the Northern Nevada Regional MLS (NNRMLS) that launched HomeSpotter, an app that lets agents give their personal brand to a mobile home search app.

The company is acting on the conclusions reached in a joint study with real estate consulting firm T360. The report showed that the average brokerage uses 20 different pieces of software every day, and that number has doubled since 2020.

At the end of last year, Lone Wolf announced a new platform called Lone Wolf Foundation that supports various products that the company is rolling out this year.

“Following recent events, it’s more important now than ever for real estate agents to be able to prove their value to potential clients—turning uncertainty into opportunity for them to grow,” said Lisa Mihelcich of Lone Wolf.

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